How to Properly Clean Hardwood Flooring

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If you’ve decided to replace carpet in your home with hardwood, then it’s time to learn how to care for your floors properly. While a gentle cleaning solution and regular mopping is one way to help keep your floors looking glossy and new, there are several things you can do to help maintain and prolong the life of your hardwood flooring.

How to Properly Clean Hardwood Flooring

What type of cleaners should you use? 

The general rule of thumb regarding hardwood flooring is to go with a gentle cleaning solution. You will want to avoid harsh chemicals and chlorine bleach, as they can weaken the structure of the wood. Another thing to note is that certain cleaners that contain polyurethane can leave a cloudy finish on your floors.

If you are still deciding what cleaner to buy at the store, a simple solution is to make your own at home. Warm water mixed with a wood cleaning soap will do the trick!

How do you clean hardwood floors? 

  1. Sweep Daily – The best way to protect your hardwood flooring from scratches and damage is to sweep daily. Sweeping up loose crumbs and debris will help prevent any damage.
  2. Vacuum Regularly – Vacuuming should be second to sweeping on your cleaning list. Vacuuming may help pick up anything left over from sweeping and is the best method for cleaning between the cracks in your floor.
  3. Mop Once a Week – The last cleaning step is to mop once a week. You will want to avoid putting too much water on your hardwood floors, so using a microfiber mop will help. You will also want to avoid using steam, which can wear down the wood.

Maintaining hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be challenging, but it will require some work. If you have questions about hardwood, give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer your questions.