Innovations in Carpet You’ll Love

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You would be hard-pressed to name a product that hasn’t been improved drastically in the past decade or so. Even carpet has undergone amazing innovations as manufacturers listen to the demands of customers. One of the things that has been improved is the very fibers themselves. Incredible performance with amazing softness has carpet buyers everyone enamored with the newest products on the market these days. Variety has also been at the forefront of innovation. Offering more fiber options, styles, and textures gives interior designers and homeowners a great deal of carpet choices to choose from.

nnovations in Carpet You’ll Love

Another innovation in carpet is products that have the ability to withstand stains and wear. Manufacturing stain resistance into the fibers before they are made into carpet creates permanent, built-in stain resistance. You needn’t worry about retreating after carpet cleaning like you do with older types of carpet. Another thing that is really exciting is creating carpet utilizing recycled plastic bottles. And don’t worry, the carpet doesn’t feel like plastic! There are also fiber options that are made in part from renewable plant-based ingredients.

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