The Best Places for Natural Stone Flooring

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Have you thought about natural stone flooring for your next flooring upgrade, but aren’t sure if it is a good fit for your application? Then you might be surprised to learn that natural stone flooring is great for a variety of locations for both residential and commercial applications.

The Best Places for Natural Stone Flooring

Before you change your mind on flooring types, think about the advantages of natural stone for a few locations. For example, let’s say you have outdated laminate in your kitchen. Natural stone flooring is a beautiful and durable way to upgrade this space. Not only does it offer a clean and calming effect, but it is also easy to clean and maintain in a kitchen.

Similarly, natural stone flooring can enhance the color scheme of a bathroom while making regular cleaning a breeze. Bathrooms are also great spaces to try out a natural stone floor because of their smaller square footage. If you like the look and feel of natural stone flooring in one or more bathrooms, it may inspire you to expand to other areas.

Natural stone flooring is very popular in the entryways of homes and businesses. It immediately sets a mood but is durable enough to handle heavy foot traffic. Shared community spaces like living rooms and waiting areas are also ideal for natural stone because of the ambiance it creates.

The beautiful thing about natural stone is that it also comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose the natural stone flooring that makes sense for your application. From granite to travertine, you can choose the material that will provide long-lasting enjoyment and beauty.

If you have questions about natural stone flooring or would like to shop for different options, come by or give us a call at Enterprise Wholesale Flooring and Lighting. We are confident we have the flooring solutions you need!